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Border Simple

CSS Class: 
How this is used: 

This class adds a 6px border around images by using background color and padding. It does add a 100% width to the image as well, and uses a clever calc() calculation with graceful degredation.

Because this class uses a background color to add the border, it can be used in combination with other border classes, such as .border-hairline, .border-shadow, and .border-bottom.

Because of the way Drupal works, we built this style to only be applied to wrapper tags around image tags. These classes will not work if you apply them to the image tag itself, but can work at any level of wrapper div around the image. For example at the block level you can apply the border class once, and all images in the block will get that style.



<p class="border-simple">
<img alt="waterfall" src="waterfall.jpg" />
HTML Element: