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Installing Open Framework

  • Download and extract the theme package (tar.gz or zip) to your /sites/all/themes directory.
  • Make sure the theme directory is named open_framework instead of open_framework-7.x-2.5.
  • As an admin, go to Administration > Appearance to enable the theme.

Recommended Releases

Version Downloads Date Notes
7.x-2.5 tar.gz | zip 2016-Aug-17
  • Added full-width top and full-width bottom block regions
  • Matched print viewport to desktop screen viewport
  • Update print style for column class
  • Removed @page dimensions to allow for landscape printing
  • Added responsive print styles
  • Added grouping div and h2
  • Updated targeting of views-grid-* classes to be more succinct and endless
7.x-2.4 tar.gz | zip 2015-Jul-6
  • Fixed clear-row for table breakpoint
7.x-2.3 tar.gz | zip 2015-Mar-16
  • Added missing body classes for body background image theme option
  • Fixed empty button element in "hamburger" menu
  • Moved body related theme options styles from html.tpl.php to template.php
  • Added theme option to select Font Awesome 4.3.0 or 3.2.1
7.x-2.1 tar.gz | zip 2014-Sep-3

Accessibility improvements

  • Pointed skip links to correct region
  • Improved mobile navigation button
  • Fixed focus visibility on form-submit buttons
  • Added IE support for search box placeholder value

New functionality

  • Added .visually-hidden class
  • Added .views-row-lines class
  • Added responsive views-grid classes
  • Made equal column height class dynamic on window resize
  • Added site login block region
  • Changed CSS to be output from SASS files

Bug fixing

  • Fixed missing region from subtheme starter kit
  • Added project variable to .info to fix undefined index error on update status page
  • Removed check for $body contents in node.tpl.php
  • Updated header section display

Updated packages

  • No packages were updated in this release. (e.g. Bootstrap, Font Awesome)

Style/Cross-browser improvements

  • Added IE 7 support for postcard layouts
  • Updated more-link to use CSS instead of image
  • Updated vendor prefixes in CSS
  • Tweaks to margins and padding on regions and blocks
  • Removed Bootstrap transparent background print style
  • Updated mobile display of float-left and float-right classes
  • Added line-height and margins to field labels
  • Updated postcard styles to be more robust
  • Removed duplicate nested container div in navbar region
7.x-2.06 tar.gz | zip 2013-Oct-15
  • Accessibility improvments to search box and skip nav
  • New theme option for responsive content order
  • New equal-height column behavior view "column" class
  • Responsive support for iframes and video players via the "video-player" class
  • Major bug fix for jQuery conflict, added compatibility with jQuery Update module
  • Theme option logic to show/hide breadcrumbs
  • Updated to Font Awesome 3.2.1
  • Added Font Awesome IE 7 support
  • Updated HTML5 Shiv to version 3.6.2
  • Updated jQuery migrate to version 1.2.1
  • Updated general CSS
  • Made search box styles work outside of search box region
  • Made float styles available in WYSIWYG preview
7.x-2.04 tar.gz | zip 2013-Apr-3
  • Updated general CSS
  • Updated search box styles
  • Added print stylesheet
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.3.1
  • Added Admin Shortcuts theme region
  • Updated core jQuery replacement behavior
  • Added ARIA roles
  • Page template and CSS cleanup
  • Fixed javascript errors
  • Applied dropdown classes to main-menu and menu blocks in the navigation region only
7.x-2.03 tar.gz | zip 2013-Feb-4
  • Added default drop-down and nested menu behaviors to top navigation and sidebar menus
  • Added Font Awesome 3.0.2
  • Moved secondary menu links to new region at top of page as additional "help" links area.
7.x-2.02 tar.gz | zip 2012-Dec-21
  • Updated the drop down menu behavior in the main menu, requiring a mouse-click instead of a mouse-over for the nested menu to appear
  • Added sub-theming kit
  • Updated all block regions from row to fluid row
  • Updated Drupal search form with bootstrap classes
  • Added new screenshot
  • Used template.php instead of jQuery to generate the Bootstrap classes for main menu
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.2.2
  • Added Bootstrap behavior and styles to alert messages
  • Changed search box to use Drupal search form block and search box region
  • Added a bunch of CSS style fixes
7.x-2.01 tar.gz | zip 2012-Nov-19
  • Added theme status messages
  • Updated Twitter Bootstrap to version 2.2.1
  • Updated margins for views and content elements
  • Added CSS layout classes
7.x-2.0 tar.gz | zip 2012-Nov-04
  • Initial public release!

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