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Included Components

Open Framework 7.x-2.06 includes the following 3rd party components.  Refer to the project documentation for implementation instructions to take advantage of all the styles, components, and icons available.

  • Bootstrap 2.3.2
    Bootstrap provides a ton of default styles and javascript components that are now available to you through Open Framework. To learn more about what you can do with Bootstrap as your base, refer to the Bootstrap documentation. Note: Open Framework does build on Bootstrap, adding additional styles we find useful, and providing more sophistocated responsive behavior, though all styles and components in Bootstrap should work in Open Framework.
  • Font Awesome 3.2.1
    Font Awesome gives us vector icons to use in our sites. Check out Megan's blog post about using Font Awesome icons, or refer to the Font Awesome documentation. We find the Font Awesome Cheat Sheet to be particularly helpful to bookmark.