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Customizing your menu

The main menu in Open Framework is responsive and accessible, and allows you to add on-click dropdowns. The main navigation is horizontal by default, and on small screens collapses to the menu "hamburger" icon.

Primary Navigation

The Main menu is the default menu for primary navigation. To enable top navigation, visit Administration > Structure > Menus and add a link your Main menu. If you want to use a different menu for your primary navigation, create your own menu and then visit Administration > Structure > Block and place your menu in the Navigation block region. Your menu will then replace the Main menu provided by Drupal.

Enabling a menu dropdown in primary navigation

To enable dropdowns, nest the menu links underneath another link within the menu via the drag and drop handler.

Click Edit next to the top-level menu link that includes the nested links. Check the Show as expanded checkbox and Save.

The menu dropdown will now appear when you click on the menu link.

The click action allows users on touch devices to access the dropdown menu in a consistent way. Note that your top-level links will only act as toggles and not link to pages in and of themselves. If you need an "Overview" or "Introduction" page for a section, we suggest placing a page called "Overview" first in the nested list to start your section.