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Preparing Content for Responsive Regions

When creating a responsive website, it is important to prepare your content keeping in mind how the site's responsive behaviors work.

Open Framework provides a set responsive pattern through responsive block regions. To learn more about how these regions work and how to think about preparing your content for Open Framework, read through the following pages.

A Blocks and Regions approach

Before you dive in, just a note on our approach to Open Framework. In creating this theme, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for new-to-Drupal users to create responsive layouts. For this reason, and because we were developing Open Framework primarily for the Stanford Sites environment (which does not provide Panels), we decided to focus on creating a set of responsive block regions, with the core concept being that all content would be laid out by creating blocks and placing them into regions.

In approaching site building through blocks and regions, we hope to lower the barrier to entry for folks not familiar with (or not using) Panels or other layout approaches. Since blocks and regions are built into Drupal core, that was what we focused on.

So, in preparing your content for Open Framework, consider what content should remain in the main Content Body (page body) region, and what content should be popped out into a block of some kind.